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St. Michael's Church, centered in Jesus Christ, welcomes everyone who desires to grow in their relationship with God.

Meet Reverend Mary

Sunday Schedule

8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I (spoken)

10:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II (with Choir)

5:00pm Themed music, scripture reading, votive candle lighting, prayers & communion


2140 Mission Avenue Carmichael, CA 95608



Pastor Tim Janiszewski


We warmly welcome you to Connect, Grow and Serve with us!

"To know Christ and to make Him known"

Covenant is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC.org

Sunday Schedule

8:30am Sanctuary Worship

9:45am Sunday School

11:00am Sanctuary Worship

Radio KCRO
  660AM & 106.5 FM
  Live at 11:00am
  Rebroadcast at 6:00pm
Internet KCRO.com 



15002 Blondo St.
Omaha, NE 68116




Jesus' Lost and Found
Pastor Tim Janiszewski |
07/15/2018 |
Luke 19:1-10
Shrewd...Very Shrewd
Pastor Tim Janiszewski |
07/08/2018 |
Luke 16:1-8
Excuses and Opportunities
Pastor Tim Janiszewski |
07/01/2018 |
Luke 14:12-24
What Kids Need From Dad
Pastor Tim Janiszewski |
06/17/2018 |
Luke 10:25-37
The Way of Forgiveness
Pastor Anton Reginald |
06/10/2018 |
The Call for Jesus
Pastor Kevin McDonald |
06/03/2018 |
Giving the Devil Sola Scripture
Pastor Tim Janiszewski |
05/27/2018 |
Law and the Christian Life
Pastor Tim Janiszewski |
05/13/2018 |
Law and the Christian Life
Pastor Tim Janiszewski |
05/06/2018 |
You Are What You Believe
Anton Reginald; Becca Gernandt; Shirley Reginald; Jake McCann |
04/29/2018 |